The smart Trick of Writing That Nobody is Discussing

transcript - something which has become transcribed; a composed record (usually typewritten) of dictated or recorded speech; "he browse a transcript on the interrogation"; "you are able to obtain a transcript of the radio plan by sending a self-dealt with envelope for the station"

Obtaining a ebook released with out a literary agent is like swimming risky waters and not using a shark repellent —Rae Lawrence, New York Instances Journal, July 5, 1987 Lawrence’s simile serves to introduce her expertise find and selecting a literary agent for her first novel.

"Would you not want to check out a variety of life - a single is so pretty tiny - but that is the pleasure of writing - you can impersonate so Lots of people" [Katherine Mansfield letter]

Good writing is a form of skating which carries off the performer where he would not go —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Joe made an effort to go through the writing on the alternative web page → Joe tenta de lire les mots écrits en regard.

paper for writing letters and many others on. writing-paper and envelopes. skryfpapier وَرَق لِكِتابَة الرَّسائِل хартия за писма papel de carta dopisní papír das Briefpapier skrivepapir χαρτί αλληλογραφίας papel de escribir, papel de carta kirjapaber کاغذ نوشتن kirjepaperi papier à lettres נְייָר כְּתִיבָה लिखने का कागज papir za pisanje levélpapír kertas tulis bréfsefni carta da lettere 便せん 필기 용지 rašomasis/laiškinis popierius rakstāmpapīrs; vēstuļu papīrs kertas tulis schrijfpapier brevpapirpapeteria, papier do pisania کاغذ papel de carta hârtie de scris писчая, почтовая бумага listový papier pisemski papir papir za pisanje pisama skrivpapper กระดาษสำหรับเขียนจดหมาย mektup/yazı kâğıdı 信紙 письмовий папір لکھنے کا کاغذ giấy viết thư 信纸

a. Meaningful letters or figures that represent readable issue: erased the writing around the blackboard.

2. using the name of the thing as being the identify of the image symbolizing its initial sound, like a in Greek is referred to as alpha “ox.” Also known as acrophony. — acrologic, adj.

a kind of writing regarded as midway amongst photograph writing, as hieroglyphics, and phonetic writing by which the names on the check here symbols are usually not the names from the objects they depict but phonetic aspects only. — iconomatic, adj.

I have a detail I call sentence-fever that must be like buck-fever; it’s a form of rigorous literary self-consciousness that arrives Once i try to drive myself —F. Scott Fitzgerald

a sort of writing where a published symbol signifies an object as an alternative to a word or speech seem. — ideographic, ideographical, adj.

An creator who speaks of his possess guides is nearly as bad as a mom who talks about her own youngsters —Benjamin Disraeli

3. to compose a letter (and send out it). He has published a letter to me about this make any difference; I will write you a long letter about my getaway; I wrote for you final 7 days. skryf يَكْتُبُ رِسالَةً пиша escrever napsat schreiben skrive γράφωescribir (kirja) kirjutama نوشتن؛ تحریر کردن kirjoittaa écrire לִכתוֹב पत्र लिखना और भेजना pisati, sastaviti (meg)ír menulis skrifa scrivere 手紙を書く (편지 등을) 쓰다 parašyti uzrakstīt; aizrakstīt menulis surat schrijvenskrivenapisać ليكل escrever a scrie, a compune написать napísať (na)pisati pisati skriva เขียนจดหมาย yazmak 寫信 написати خط لکھ کر بھیجنا viết thư 写信

Synonyms Examples Term Origin See additional synonyms on noun one. the act of anyone or matter that writes. 2. composed sort: to dedicate one particular's ideas to writing.

one. (Letters of your Alphabet (Overseas)) a bunch of letters or symbols prepared or marked over a floor as a means of communicating ideas by making Every symbol stand for an notion, principle, or point, by utilizing Every symbol to symbolize a list of Seems grouped into syllables (syllabic writing), or by with regards to Every single symbol as corresponding approximately or just to each of your Seems within the language (alphabetic writing). See also ideogram

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